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On Line Resources for Studying Classics


How to Decline Adjectives
Adjective Declensions Part 1
Adjective Declensions Part2
Declining Noun-Adjective Pairs

Latin Dictionaries
Whitaker's Words On-Line
Latin Lexicon
Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aids (Notre Dame)
Perseus L & S Latin Dictionary
Neolatin Dictionary New (Modern) Latin Dictionary (definitions in Latin)
Glossa Lewis & Short On-line 

Whitaker's Words For Download 
Latin Dictionary App on iTunes
Latin Dictionaries for Mobile Devices

Online Courses
Advanced Latin (a free online course in Advanced Medieval Latin, learn the Latin of Kings!!)
Linney's Latin (a free online introductory Latin course using an old textbook, but with downloadable grammar lessons in mp3 format)

Drills, E-Quizzes, and Other Practice Aids

Latin Texts (Books, Essays, Poetry, etc.)
Perseus Greek and Roman Collections texts, translations, other resources
Bibliotheca Augustana Latina (chrono) Chronological list of texts
Bibliotheca Augustana Latina (alpha) Alphabetical list of texts
The Latin Library  

Reading Aids/Environments
Perseus Linked Text of Caesar's Civil War
NoDictionaries interlinear definitions
Lector Latinus (PC program, a free Latin library and reading environment with dictionary and grammar)

Auxilia (Aids)
Wikitionary LatinTranslation notes, declensions, conjugations 
Aids at Bibliotheca Augustana
Declensions. Conjugations, and Other Grammar Aids

Classical (Greek and Roman) Podcasts Podcasts/Sound files for Greek/Latin
Poeta Ex Machina machine reads Latin poetry
Nunc Loquamur Recorded Modern Latin Conversations
Linney's Latin (a free online introductory Latin course using an old textbook, but with downloadable grammar lessons in mp3 format)

Video Songs
Goofy Song to Remember all 5 Declensions.
Three Songs for First Three Declensions
Come on, baby, do the first declension
Rap Your Demonstratives (Hic, Haec, Hoc)
Present Tense Verb Endings
Present Tense Endings and Conjugated Verbs

Et Cetera
Latin Crosswords
Aenigmata Latine Latin riddles/puzzles
Latin Manga
Skyrim Menus in Latin! Drop this file in the Data folder in your main Skyrim folder.

Social Groups/News  
Schola (The Latin Facebook)
Ephemeris Latin World News

Roman Board Games  
Roman Calendar  Today's Date in Roman Style
Tempus Romanum computes time where you are and lists the Roman hora or vigilia
Roman Chariot Racing

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Latin Recorded Minilessons


Perfect Passive Indicative Verb Conjugation
Perfect Passive System 1
Perfect Passive System 2
Perfect Passive System 3


Pronouncing Latin

Pronunciation Words 1
Pronunciation Words 2
Pronunciation Words 3
Pronunciation Diphthongs

Battle of Latin vs. English (a comparison and introduction)


Common Mistakes in Learning Latin



Cases and Case Uses: General Outline

I apologize for the audio feedback at the beginning; it clears up soon:

Declensions and Declining Latin Nouns
1st Declension
2nd m. Declension
2nd n. Declension
Lesson 2
3rd m./f. Declension
3rd n. Declension
3rd i-stem Declension
Lesson 3
4th m./f. Declension
4th n. Declension
5th Declension

Nominative Case Overview

Accusative Case Overview


Ablative Case Overview



Basics of Conjugating and Translating Active and Passive Verbs

Present and Imperfect Active and Passive Indicative

Future Active and Passive Indicative Verbs


Perfect Active System Indicative Verbs
perfect active system 1
perfect active system 2
perfect active system 3
perfect active system 4

Perfect Passive System Indicative Verbs
Perfect Passive System 1
Perfect Passive System 2
Perfect Passive System 3

Practicing Latin Translation Skills

Using Perseus to help you build up translation skills

Using Vinciator to help you build up translation skills

Using Lector Latinus for Grammar and Vocabulary Review
Download here:

English to Latin

Set of lessons on translating English to Latin-  I discuss strategies and resources and step through several example sentences to show you how.

Functional Phrases and Greetings (Especially Lat 1a)

I made a recorded lesson which goes over basic Latin functional phrases and greetings. It provides several hints about how to do the "W- Functional Phrases Assignment/Greetings and Salutations Discussion" assignment for Latin 1A, but it should be useful and interesting to all Latin 1 and 2 students.

Technical Recorded Minilessons


Some helpful videos by Ms. Berman:
How to set your scheduler:
How to submit an assignment:
How to use the discussion board:
How to log in to Aventa:
How to find your first assignment:

Blackboard 9.1 Features- My Overview

Viewing Feedback on Graded Assignments

Submitting Assignments

Intro to My Grades

Intro to Downloading OpenOffice FREE productivity suite

Intro OpenOffice Writer, Saving File Types, Adding Pictures in Text

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Latin Translations and Originals of Christmas Songs

These translations used to be hosted on my Geocities site but are now posted here because Geocities is going to be shut down.

Jingle Bells

Nives, glacies, nox pueritia!
Risus decet nunc, decent carmina!
Laetos iuvat nos, ire per agros,
Traha fert velociter, et cachinnemus nos!
Tinniat, tinniat, tintinnabulum!
Labimur in glacie post mulum curtum!

O Come All Ye Faithful (The Latin is the original version of this song.)

Adeste, Fideles
Laeti triumphantes
Venite, venite
In Bethlehem!
Natum videte
Regem angelorum.
Venite, adoremus!
Venite, adoremus!
Venite, adoremus

Silent Night

Silens nox, sancta nox
Placida, lucida,
Virginem et puerum,
Dulcem atque tenerum,
Somno opprime,
Somno opprime.

O Little Town of Bethlehem

O Bethlehem in collibus
Quam tacite dormis,
Et spectant alta sidera
De caeruleis caelis!
Sed in obscuris viis
Tu hodie tenes,
Aeterna luce fulgente,
Annorum omnes spes!

Joy to the World

Iam mundus Dominum
Dum omnia
In corda nos
Accipimus illum!
Accipimus illum!
Accip-, Accip- imus

We Three Kings

Orientis reges tres
Procul dona portantes
Per campos et montes imus
Stellam illam sequentes.
O stella potens et mira,
Stella regalis pulcra,
Semper movens ad occasum
Duc nos ad claram lucem.

Hark the Herald Angels

En canentes angeli:
"Gloria Regi infanti;
Pax in terra, et Deus
Concors cum mortalibus."
Laeti, omnes populi,
Cum caelestibus iuncti,
Praedicate, "Nunc Christus
Est in Bethlehem natus."
En canentes angeli:
"Gloria Regi infanti."

Veni, Veni, Emmanuel
(Original Latin, words from traditional 8th century antiphons)

1. Veni, O Sapientia,
Quae hic disponis omnia,
Veni, viam prudentiae
Ut doceas et gloriae. Refrain

Gaude, gaude, Emmanuel
Nascetur pro te, Israel.

2. Veni, Veni Adonai!
Qui populo in Sinai
Legem dedisti vertice,
In Majestate gloriae. Refrain

3. Veni, O Jesse virgula,
Ex hostis tuos ungula,
De specu tuos tartari
Educ et antro barathri. Refrain

4. Veni, Clavis Davidica,
Regna reclude caelica,
Fac iter tutum superum,
Et claude vias inferum. Refrain

5. Veni, Veni O Oriens!
Solare nos adveniens,
Noctis depelle nebulas,
Dirasque noctis tenebras. Refrain

6. Veni, Veni, Rex gentium,
veni, Redemptor omnium,
Ut salvas tuos famulos
Peccati sibi conscios. Refrain

7. Veni, Veni Emmanuel!
Captivum solve Israel!
Qui gemit in exsilio,
Privatus Dei Filio.

Latin Translations of English Children's Songs

These translations used to be hosted on my Geocities site but are now posted here because Geocities is going to be shut down.

Mica, Mica, Parva Stella ("Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star")

Mica, mica, parva stella
Miror quaenam sis tam bella
Splendens eminus in illo
Alba velut gemma caelo.

I, I In Lintre ("Row, Row, Row Your Boat")
This one is my own translation.

I, i in lintre
Lente sub flumen
Laete, laete, laete, laete
Vita (e)st somnium.

I, II, III Barbari ("1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Indians")

Unus duo tres barbari
Quattour quinque sex barbari
Septem octo novem barbari
Et decem barbari

Nonne Dormis? ("Are You Sleeping?")

Nonne dormis, nonne dormis?
Frater mi, frater mi.
Sona matutinas, sona matutinas
Ding dong ding
Ding dong ding

Agricola Habet Fundum ("Old Macdonald Had a Farm")

Agricola habet fundum.
In hoc fundo est ____
Cum ____ ____ hic
______ _____ illic
Hic ____ illic______
Ubique _____ _____
Agricola habet fundum.
pig/porcus(sus)- oenc, oenc
mule/mulus- i au, i au
cow/vacca(bovis)- mu, mu
horse/equus- ne, ne
dog/canis- wuf, wuf
chicken/gallina- cluc, cluc
cat/feles- miau, miau
duck/anas- quec, quec

Iac et Iill ("Jack and Jill")

Iac et Iill quaerentes fontem
Ascendebat parvum montem.
Ille, cadens, fregit frontem
Trahens secum hanc insontem.

Tres Caeci Mures ("Three Blind Mice")

Mures tres, mures tres
Caeci currunt, caeci currunt
Sequuntur sponsam agricolae
Ab ea abscissae sunt caudulae
Est plenius nihil stultitiae
Quam mures tres, mures tres.

Felix Dies ("Happy Birthday")

Felix dies tibi
Felix dies tibi
Felix dies, ____
Felix dies tibi

Attis, Catullus 63

This translation used to be hosted on my Geocities site but has been reposted here because Geocities is going to be shut down.

"Attis" Poem 63 of Catullus
copyright by Abram Ring (April 2005)

The square brackets [] around alternate translations indicate places where the correct text is subject to scholarly debate.

Over the deep sea, Attis, sped in a swift ship,
has just touched the Phrygian grove with quickened foot
and to the dark, wood-crowned haunts of the goddess flown—
he, driven there by maddening rage, wand'rer of mind,
hacked off the groin's burden with sharp flint,
and just then felt the remnant limbs are not a man's,
and, while yet spotting the ground with fresh blood,
quickened she snatches the light drum in white hand,
Your light drum, Cybebe, Your sacriments, Mother.
Shaking the hollow hide of young bull in hand
she trembling begins her song with her company,
"Come, fly to Cybebe's high groves, Gallae, now!
Now fly you errant flocks of the Dindym Mistress
seeking strange places just as exiles wandering
Following my cult, my comrades, by my lead,
you've come cross the crashing deep thru storm,
you've unmanned yourself for great hate of Love.
Cheer your heart, ladies, with quickened wand'ring.
Leave off delay, go now, follow on with me
to the Phrygian home of Cybebe, and to her groves
where sounds the noise of the cymbal and drums
where blows the Phrygian flute and its slender reed
where Maenad heads ivy-bound toss madly about,
and they sing the sacred rites with the harsh "ululu",
where her errant band so often dances quick--
here must we run in our quickened rompings."
As Attis bastard woman sings to her comrades,
the band fast ululates with quivering tongue;
The light drum resounds; the cymbal crashes;
The quick band races to green Ida in a run.
Raging, gasping, erring she goes, taking breath,
Attis, leader, through the dark grove with drum
like an untrained heifer shirking weight of yoke,
and swift Gallae follow their fast-footed leader
and so tired now come at last to Cybebe's home
and take rest without bread from too much labor.
Lazy sleep covers their eyes with weariness.
The crazy madness of mind leaves in soft rest,
but as the golden face of the Sun with his rays
takes sacred trip thru sky over earth 'nd wild sea
and drives out shades of night on stallions sped.
So now sleep fast fleeing leaves Attis awoken,
from Pasithea's quivering breast recovered.
Here thru easy rest, now without quick craze,
Attis fast now self-takes his [or "her"] acts to heart
and with liquid mind sees what's lost for him [or "her"].
Mind pulsing, still back he [or "she"] raced to the shore;
there scanning the sea's expanse with teary eyes,
he [or "she"] sad addressed his [or "her"] land with wailing calls
"O my father, my mother, my source, my land,
I am fugitive as house-slaves are who choose
to flee their master; I took foot to Ida's groves
so to be among snow and cold beast-haunts
and to come maddening to their dark caves.
Yet now where, whither am I to think you lie;
my very eye stretches to find you for itself.
Still for a brief span mind is free of mad rage.
Am I truly traveled to groves faraway from home?
Will I always miss country, friends, and kin?
Will I not see forum, gym, or stadium again?
Ah me, poor soul, tears must fall still more-
for what kind of form have I never enjoyed-
I've been woman [or "young man"], youth, lad, and boy;
I once was flower of the gym, star of the games.
Doors were packed; steps were warm for me.
Houses were blossom-wreathed by my admirers.
And then when sun rose I still had my bedrooms.
Now shall I be called the gods' maid, Cybebe's slave?
I, a maenad, half-myself, shall I be a gelded man?
Shall I cherish green Ida's cold slopes dressed in snow?
Shall I spend life under the Phrygian's lofty peaks,
where wood-dwelling stag, and tree-roving boar now live?
Just now feeling pain I've inflicted, now I wish else..."
And there the sound quick left from the ruby lips
bearing its weird words to the ears of the gods,
Thence Cybele freeing her cats from their chains
goading the cruel foe of flock she commanded:
"Leave-- Fly, beast, to make him know my rage,
to drive back his step to my grove with your fury--
he who too freely seeks to flee my own commands.
Go beat your back with tail, bear your own lashes!
Make all this land resound with your pained roar;
Toss, my beast, your golden mane on muscled neck!"
So, in threat, spoke Cybebe and loosed bonds from hand.
The very beast drives himself to craze, raging in spirit...
He stalks, he roars, and breaks twigs 'neath errant foot.
Yet, when come to watery stretches of glistening shore
with soft [m. or f.] Attis sighted near the marbled plain of sea--
he attacks. Then mad he [or "she"] flees to those wild groves;
There ever as slave she stays for the span of life.

Great goddess, god Cybebe, god Lady of Dindym,
May your rage ever be far my home, Mistress,
Drive others to fury; Drive others to madness.

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